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Department of Recognition and Equivalence Services (DRES) is a division of the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) since 1983, in order to determine equivalents of associate’s, bachelor's, and master's degree diplomas from international higher education institutions (HEIs). ENIC-NARIC Center, Turkey operates under the DRES.

The recognition and equivalence certificate applications for foreign associate’s (short cycle), bachelor’s (first cycle), and master’s (second cycle) higher education diplomas should be made to CoHE.

Department of Recognition and Equivalence Services issues three different types of Certificates:

1- Diploma Equivalence Certificate: This document refers to both academic and professional qualifications, facilitates access to the further academic studies and to the labor market. Access to postgraduate studies for the "health" programs at Turkish HEIs is possible with this Certificate only.

2- Graduation Recognition Certificate: This document only refers to the academic qualification, including information on graduated HEIs, the program, and the HE degree.

Applications for the above-mentioned certificates must be made through the following website addresses:

The above mentioned applications should be submitted directly by the applicant or the legal representative. Postal applications are not considered officially.

3- HE Institution Recognition Certificate: This document refers to the foreign HEIs, which are recognized by the CoHE. It is needed in case:

  • starting to HE study at a foreign HEI,
  • applying to postgraduate studies at one of the Turkish HEIs, except for the "health" programs (for foreign nationals),
  • transferring foreign HE credits to a Turkish HE study,
  • submitting for the use of Social Security Institution,
  • making application for recognition of "Ph.D./Associate Professorship" degrees to the Presidency of the Inter-University Council.

Institution Recognition Certificate can also be obtained via electronic public portal “e-Devlet” (http://okultanima.yok.gov.tr), apart from HEIs of the USA, the Netherlands, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Applications related to HEIs in the USA, the Netherlands, and TRNC should be made directly to the CoHE.

On the other hand, Inter-University Council is the competent authority for recognition and equivalence of professorship, associate professorship, and doctorate degrees ( http://www.uak.gov.tr/).