1 . Pre-application form.

2 . Declaration of consent (fully filled in and signed).

3 . Copy of ID or passport.

4 . Original Associate/Bachelor "diploma" or "graduation certificate", and its Turkish translation. (*)

5 . Original "transcript" including all courses taken during higher education, and its Turkish translation (including course hours, credits, and grades, etc.).

6 . Original "diploma supplement”, and its Turkish translation (for EHEA countries). (**)

7 . Original "transfer transcript", in the case of "transferred credits/courses" between HEIs, and its Turkish translation.

8 . "Recognition document" issued by the competent authorities of the hosting country for the HEIs, which provides " transnational education" (education delivered in a country other than the country in which the awarding institution is based), and its Turkish translation.

9 . "Recognition document" issued by the competent authorities of the hosting country for the HEIs founded under international organizations, in which Turkey is a party, and it’s Turkish translation.

10 . Evidence of "residence" in the hosting country, where the qualification was issued (for dual nationals).

11 . Turkish translation of "passport copies", used during higher education.

12 . Statement on the grounds of recognition application:

a. Those, who are seeking Turkish citizenship should submit the “ certificate of naturalization”.

b. Those, who are asking for recognition for professional purposes, should prove that they applied to the relevant public and/or private bodies.

c. Those, who will be employed as a lecturer/researcher at an HEI should present the approved copy of the recruitment contract.

d. Those, who will work in “ international research and development projects”, which are supported by public bodies and/or EU at HEIs, should document this specific condition.

13 . Receipt of service fee.

* Turkish translation of the required documents should be approved either by Turkish Notaries or by Turkish Diplomatic Miss​ions .

** In case of missing DS document, the applicant should submit the official document from the relevant HEI, explaining the reason.

*** Applicants, holding TRNC qualifications should also take into consideration the relevant information module.

**** Coloured copies of Diploma, Transcripts and Diploma Supplement.