​ An alternative evaluation mechanism is in place for the applicants, who are unable to present required application documents due to war, occupation, or annexation conditions in their country or whose diploma confirmations cannot be made, or are limited due to war period or extraordinary situations.

The Diploma and Degree Determination Commissions, and the Science Field Advisory Board prepare advisory assessment reports, which are taken into consideration in the final decision by the Recognition and Equivalence Commission. The procedure is run as follows:

a) Applicants, whose original diploma and transcripts are available, but cannot be verified, are evaluated by the relevant Science Field Advisory Board and the Recognition and Equivalence Commission.

b) Applicants, who can only present the copies or approved translations of the diploma and transcripts, are assessed by the related Diploma and Degree Determination Commissions to determine the HE degrees and academic fields. They are subjected to the Evaluation Systems of Degree and Qualifications (SYBS) as required.

c) If the application is rejected by the Diploma and Degree Determination Commissions, the applicant can renew his/her application as soon as the original documents are available.

d) Legal procedure is applied to the ones, who make false declarations about the required documents, and their applications are rejected immediately.

The applicants should prove their status with below documents:

1- Temporary Protection ID

2- Declaration form of educational background

3- If available, official documents about professional experience

* Nationalities subject to Temporary Protection Law: Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Somali, South Sudan, Crimea.